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Book to Film Club April 2011: Bel Ami (Book)


The Book to Film Club book selection for April was the French novel Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant. The book is set in 1885 France and follows the character George Duroy, and is the first book in the book club that is a translation. I found that I enjoyed it much more than I expected! I enjoyed the time period but still found the language very accessible. Have you finished it yet? Did you review it? Here are some questions to ponder when thinking about the book and the upcoming film adaptation. As always, feel free to review it and if you comment or send me the link I'll add it to the list, or you can always journal your thought as well.

Things to ponder on the book:
  • Did you enjoy reading it?
  • Was it what you were expecting?
  • What did you know about the book before reading it?
  • Did you enjoy the setting?
  • How was it reading a translation? Or did you brave reading it in the original French?
  • Why do you think this book has stayed with us for over 100 years?
  • What did you take away from reading the book?
  • Who would you recommend the book to?

About the upcoming film adaptations:
  • How do you feel about the casting of the film (see Wikipedia for descriptive cast & character list)?
  • What do you hope to be the focus of the film?
  • What do you think is essential to keep from the book in the film?
  • What do you think they can trim away from the book to the film?
  • What do you think the challenges of the adaptation may be?
  • Do you have any hesitations on the adaptation?
  • What are you most looking forward to about the film adaptation?
If this was a re-read:
  • How did reading it this time compare with your previous time reading it?
  • Did you notice anything different this time round?
  • Did your interest and focus stay on the same characters and moments, or shift?
Book reviews from Book to Film Clubbers:

Film Adaptation
Bel Ami will star Robert Pattinson in the lead role of George Duroy, and has a long list of ladies among the cast including: Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman, Holliday Grainger and Natalia Tena. More casting includes Colm Meaney, James Lance and Philip Glenister and the film is directed by Declan Donnellan & Nick Ormerod and is their feature film directorial debut. The film is currently in post production but unfortunately we don't have a release date for the adaptation (although it still is noted as May 12, 2011 on Wikipedia), there is no official film site, no trailer and no official stills. I'm still hopeful that it will come out in 2011, let's all keep our fingers crossed!

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