Thursday, 26 May 2011

Inside Out 2011: OFF BEAT & You Will Be Mine

Above: Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler and Manuel Neuburger in OFF BEAT

Dir: Jan Gassmann
Cast: Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler, Manuel Neuburger, Domenico Pecoraio

OFF BEAT was one of the films I just knew I had to see at the festival: a film from Switzerland that features a real life musician (Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler) as a rapper was well more than enough to get me intrigued but little did I know it would easily be one of the best films I saw of this year selections. The film is centred strongly on the journeys and relationships between several people focusing on rapper Lukas (Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler), producer Mischa (Domenico Pecoraio) and Sämi aka Samsonite (Manuel Neuburger). Two rappers and one producer could easily be enough to cause tension, but this amps it up with Lukas & Mischa also being discreet lovers, and with Lukas & Sämi being brothers. The emotions run really high in this film and are layered with complications from everything from drugs to broken families to cyclic patterns it but also does a great job of showing the process of catharsis and questioning as well as treating the audience to many truths from family to healing, and the power of poetry, inspiration and music. I absolutely loved OFF BEAT. It has powerful emotional journeys, fantastic performances especially by Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler & Manuel Neuburger, tender & beautiful moments throughout as well as awesome rapping and great music. It's a crazy package when you put it all together, and it works each step of the way. I highly recommend checking it out.

OFF BEAT screens at Inside Out on Friday May 27, 2011 at 7:15PM

Above: Isild Le Besco and Judith Davis in You Will Be Mine / Je te mangerais

You Will Be Mine / Je te mangerais
Dir: Sophie Laloy
Cast: Judith Davis, Isild Le Besco

You Will Be Mine / Je te mangerais follows as two childhood friends who drifted apart are reunited as young adults when Marie (Judith Davis) comes to stay with Emma (Isild Le Besco) to be closer to school where she studies classic piano. The film does a great job of dancing on comfort zone lines, for both the characters and the audience, from Marie trying to find the balance of freedom outside a family environment or as as the young women find their feet in their rekindled friendship in which Emma subtly pushes for more. Confronted by the confusing of looking up to someone then not agreeing with them adds to the unique dynamic created. There is certainly a lot of heat in You Will Be Mine / Je te mangerais as the chemistry between Judith Davis and Isild Le Besco can be electric, and it plays teasingly along as the characters come together and move away like a push me-pull me doll. Mental games and chilling tension add to the already ramped up atmosphere creating a whirlwind of chaos. I wasn't always on board with the direction it went, but was always impressed by the great performances by the two leads and the fantastic atmosphere. Very chilling.

You Will Be Mine / Je te mangerais screens at Inside Out on Friday May 27, 2011 at 7:30PM

The Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival 2011 runs from May 19-29, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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