Tuesday, 26 July 2011

DVD Releases for Tuesday July 26, 2011

Time to take a look at a selection of DVD releases for Tuesday July 26, 2011!

  • Trigger (DVD Review) Brilliant film from director Bruce McDonald's following women of rock who connect years after the band is not longer together, stars Tracy Wright & Molly Parker.
  • Source Code Beautiful science fiction actioner/thriller that will not only keep you thinking but also has a lot of heart to keep you feeling. Brilliant follow up to Moon from director Duncan Jones.
  • Ghost from the Machine aka Phasma Ex Machina this supernatural tech film is definitely on my to see list but may have got led astray in my recent move. Fingers crossed it still shows up!
  • Life During Wartime Todd Solondz's latest drama centred on forgivmess comes out (Regular & Criterion Release)
  • Turbulent Skies disaster/comedy film centred on the idea of a 'safer' unmanned auto-piloted machine for planes (note 'disaster' category as it's not all that 'safe').
  • Clone Returns Home / Kurôn wa kokyô wo mezasu with a title like that, I know this is a film I want to catch up with!
  • Supernatural: The Anime Series I'm a big fan of the TV series Supernatural so I'm curious to see this animated version following the main characters of brothers Sam & Dean Winchester.
  • Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe I only recently started catching Burn Notice but I'm sure this is a must see, especially for guest-star Bruce Campbell fans!
  • Scream of the Banshee Banshee's don't get enough play in supernatural horror in my book, so happy to see a new banshee story being told here!
  • Dylan Dog Dead of Night I've actually only heard not the best of things about this film, but to be honest it's usually reactionary to the idea or the trailer as I don't know anyone who has actually seen this one yet.
  • Bloodrayne: The Third Reich third film in the Bloodrayne series from director Uwe Boll and I can't help but grin at the tagline of 'only the dead survive' for this vampire film.
  • Machete Maidens Unleashed documentary on Filipino made genre films and the women in them!
  • Goblin Halloween set horror flick centred on a horrific goblin causing havoc!

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Kevin Bachelder said...

Goblin and Scream of the Banshee were Syfy channel original movies. Not some of their best IMHO.

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