Monday, 18 July 2011

So - It's Been Quiet at Movie Moxie

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It may seem very strange that I've only had a few posts up in the past little while. It feels even stranger to me as I've just recently moved and been without my own internet access until today. A week into the new place and more than halfway through the boxes, I still have lots to go but I thought I would share the first full and complete set of items that I unpacked: my DVD (and VHS!) collection. It may be the first (and only) time I've had room for all of them on the shelves, and I lonly have room for about 5 more and since I have about 40 out on lend I know there isn't technically enough room but it still feels pretty awesome to see them nice & neatly lined up.


There are a lot of reviews that will be coming down the pipe in the next few days including lots on DVD of course the most recent and last in the Harry Potter series (yes, it's amazing), which is oddly pretty much the only theatrical release I've seen in July so far. Ah, moving. Always throws a wrench in the works of life.



Norlinda said...

Good luck in your new place. And yes, a wall of discs make me extremely happy too.

Kevin Bachelder said...

I'm sure it felt a little more like home once you had all the movies in the case. :)

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