Tuesday, 9 August 2011

DVD Release for August 9, 2011

Time to take a look at a selection of DVD releases for Tuesday August 9, 2011! Lots of science fiction this week, including a Canadian title!
  • Repeaters Canadian science fiction/moral-questioning film set in rehab setting is a refreshing take on the subject with some strong performances and is definitely worth a watch.
  • Super We getting lots of superhero movies these days and Super is just that, of the everyday person donning a mask vein, starring Rainn Wilson.
  • Paul I can't believe I didn't see this one in the theatre with the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost combo and sci-fi-ness, although the trailer didn't super impress me I'll admit I still want to give it a chance.
  • Dream Home / Wai dor lei ah yut ho dark, bloody & brutal film centred on a woman fixated with getting her dream apartment. Stars Josie Ho, Chu-chu Zhou and directed by Ho-Cheung Pang.
  • Kung Fu Madness! Tons of martial arts films hitting the shelves this week including Martial Arts of Shaolin with Jet Li, plus Executioners of Shaolin, Five Shaolin Masters, Mad Monkey Kung Fu - all Shaw Brothers Classic Collection films.
  • Little White Lies Another one I'm curious about and it did open here in the T-dot, although memory is only filling out wings of an ensemble cast, French, possibly sad or something sad happens. On the to see list, but might take me a bit to get to it.
  • Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam very clearly titled music documentary.
  • Jumping the Broom Uptown vs Downtown families trying to make the merge of marriage romantic comedy.
  • Your Highness period set (swords, horses, chainmail) comedy starring Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and James Franco.
  • Mars Needs Moms! Animated film that honestly the concept has me rolling my eyes. Mars needs Moms... to clean up after martian kids? Really?

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Alexander said...

Interesting list! I was looking for some DVDs myself. Thanks.

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