Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DVD Releases for August 30, 2011

Time to take a look at a selection of DVD releases for Tuesday August 30, 2011!
  • Prom (DVD Review) Disney's high school drama set along the backdrop of getting ready for the all important event of The Prom. It's quite charming and very enjoyable. DVD review will be up soon!
  • The Ward (DVD Review) I can't wait to get my hands on this John Carpenter directed film set in 1960's in a mental institution with "unseen forces". I'm hoping it's as creepy as it sounds.
  • Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season TV Series based on the L.J. Smith novels and it's got vampires, witches, love triangles, higt school drama and general mayhem throughout. I don't know how they get so much into each and every episode. If you haven't hopped on this fun train there is still time to catch up with Season 3 starting on September 15, 2011. I've been on board since day one and chatted through almost the entire series over at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural.
  • Paranormal State: Season Five I was late to the party on this one, but it's a fantastic non-fiction paranormal show with paranormal investigator Ryan Buell, and what really won me over is that the team always approaches the cases from the perspective of helping the people who are being affected. Another one that I chat about over at Hexed: Sisterhood of the Supernatural.
  • Nikita: The Complete First Season Action series starring Maggie Q in the title role inspired by the film La Femme Nikita of a forced trained agent who turns on and works towards exposing the company who trained her.
  • Cell 211 Oh, I thought this was the Canadian horror flick Cell 213 (out soon I think), but it appears to be a Spanish film. Let's call it this week's wildcard!
  • Bereavement Lots of buzz on this film recently with Michael Biehn in town just last weekend at Fan Expo! It's a prequel to Malevolence, and I'll admit it looked a little to brutal for me about a kidnapped kid who is forced to do some really bad things. Also stars John Savage, Alexandra Daddario and Brett Rickab.
  • Roadkill I remember hearing about this horror flick over at the Saturday B Movie Reel over at Tuning into SciFi TV and although it didn't sound great, it did get my curious!
  • Win Win I'm a sucker for inspiring stories and sport films and this indie flick seems to have it both, and is from the director of The Station Agent and The Visitor: Tom McCarthy.
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