Saturday, 22 October 2011

Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011: Vlogs & Videos

Here's a link list home base for all the vids posted over all the Movie Moxie Facebook Page from Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011:

Day 1 - Opening Night with Legend of Beaver Dam & Monster Brawl
Day 2 - Prick, Exit Humanity, My Main Squeeze & Father's Day
Day 3 - International Shorts Programme, Redline, Deadheads & War of the Dead and the shorts that went with them: Paso Doble, Lost for Words, Play Dead & You Are So Undead.
Day 4 - Some Guy Who Kills People, Love, Theatre Bizarre & Midnight Son.

Day 1 Videos
Monster Brawl Preshow Shenanigans with Jimmy 'Mouth of the South' Hart, Robert Maillet, RJ Skinner and Jesse T Cook

Day 2 Videos
Father's Day World Premiere with Astron-6:

MORE to come!!

Check back for lots more will be uploaded in the wee hours throughout the festival! I have to get *some* sleep during the festival.....

The 6th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs for 8 Nights of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Cult Movies at the Toronto Underground Cinema in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from October 20-27, 2011.

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