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DVD Releases for November 15 & 22, 2011

My internet was totally konked out last week, so this week I'm catching up on a few things including DVD releases which gives us time to do a double take and take in titles of 2 weeks of releases. Let's browse the virtual shelves for DVD releases for Tuesday November 15 & 22, 2011!

Nov 15, 2011 DVD Releases
  • Being Human North American Season 1 (DVD Review) Following the trials and tribulations of 3 roommates of a vampire, werewolf & ghost who try to retain their humanity even though they aren't quite human. A great time for this one to hit DVD as the show returns for Season 2 in January so there is a generous amount of time to catch up.
  • Harvest / Stadt Land Fluss Beautiful naturalistic and gentle paced German film following young farming apprentices who are given a chance at a better life, and may even fall in love. One of my faves from Inside Out 2011.
  • Superheroesintriguing documentary following several real-life superheroes that patrol the streets of North America fighting crime, providing hope, and occasionally stopping for a pint.
  • Three Colors: Blue White Red [DVD & Blu-ray] on Criterion Brilliant trilogy and I can on imagine how gorgeous it would be to see them on Criterion editions.
  • What Women Want / Wo Zhi Nu Ren Xin a remake of the Mel Gibson movie What Women Want and although the topic doesn't grab me I'm impressed that this Chinese version stars phenemonial actors of Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, The Warlords / Tau ming chong) and Gong Li (Raise the Red Lantern, Curse of the Golden Flower / Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia).
  • The Treasure Hunter this one certainly piqued my curiously and has a steampunk, or rather sand punk feel and stars Jay Chou. Oddly looks a little like priest and very fantastical plus I'm sure it's going to have some awesome fighting.
  • Fading of the Cries This looks pretty cheesy and might actually be the first actual Twi-ish knock off, but hard to beat sorcerers, fantastical fighting and Brad Dourif.
  • Bunraku I missed this one when it played at TIFF but I was very curious about the samurai-ish world with a Dick Tracy colour story and Josh Hartnett (confirm)
  • Farscape: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] This science fiction series following a US pilot who goes through a wormhole and finds himself in a place with strange aliens, living ships and kick-butt women was one of my faves of the 2000's and I'm sure it being on Blu-Ray will make many a fan happy as it even took quite a while to hit DVD.
  • Assassin's Creed - Lineage Prequel to the video game Assassin's Creed II following Ezio Auditore de Firenze. Actually looks pretty interesting and seeing an assassin during 15th century Italy Renaissance sounds pretty cool. Plus, conspiracy, corruption and justice (of course!).
  • Larry Crowne A later in life coming of age type story following Tom Hanks as a man who in his 40's goes to college and falls for teacher (Julia Roberts).

Nov 22, 2011 DVD Releases

  • Super 8 Sweet combination of science fiction and nostalgia in this 70's set group of friends/coming of age/love of film/movie that won over many of use who grew up on Spielberg.
  • Bellflower (DVD Review) Indie sweetheart film that follows 2 friends with a Mad Max obessions, a custom-made car and a heck of a lot of drinking.
  • Carjacked (DVD Review) Maria Bello & Stephan Dorff star in this carjacking thriller that examines life, choice, complacency and a dash of revenge.
  • Conan the Barbarian 3D (2011) redux of the series that started in the 80's with Arnold, this time round we have Jason Mamoa starring as the barbarian Conan in this bloody action flick.
  • The Devil's Double Dominic Cooper pulls double duty in this biopic depicting Uday Hussein and the man who was became his double.
  • Starbuck French Canadian comedy following a 40's year old who lives an irresponsible/relaxed life and also fathered over a hundred kids. Stars Patrick Huard and Julie LeBreton.
  • 12 Angry Men Criterion BluRay I'm surprized it is only just now that this ironic film is getting the BluRay Criterion treatment, as it's easily one of the most respected and cherished films out there.
  • Godzilla vs Megalon I gotta see more Godzilla films - lots are kicking around and it's hard to resist a vs, especially vs Megalon.
  • Final Destination 5 More hijinx and unavoidable yet highly contrived accidents are bound to happen in this 5th installment of the horror series.
  • Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 3D The kids are at up to come crazy espionag-ing again!! I wonder if they got the Arom-a-Scope in the DVD release!
  • Spy Kids Complete Collection In case you are looking to catch up on all the kiddies adventures, now is your chance.
  • Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series I only watched the first of the Sixth Season of the new Doctor Who, but I do think that Matt Smith is a great Doctor. May have to catch up on the rest of their adventures!
  • Law and Order UK: Season Two The stories of this across the pond series may be familiar to regular L&O viewers, but the acting of the main cast is worth checking it out, they are fantastic.
  • Men with Brooms: Season 1 TV spin off of the Canadian comedy/curling film now series hits DVD.

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