Monday, 28 November 2011

Poll Results: What Awards Shows Are You Interested in?

Looks like the Oscars still are the biggest awards game and each and every voter included them as a selection for Which Awards Shows Are You Interested In? They are closely followed by The Golden Globes who rake in 85% of the vote, BAFTA's at 71% (I so which they were televised!) and then Genies & Spirit awards come in at 57% and it makes me very happy that the Canadian Awards got so many votes! Here are the all of the results:

100% - Academy Awards (Oscars)
85% - Golden Globes
71% - BAFTA's (British)
57% - Genies (Canadian) and Spirit Awards
42% - Canada's Top Ten and Toronto Film Critics Association
28% - BIFAs (British Independent) and Scream Awards
14% - Alliance of Women Film Journalists, MTV Movie Awards, People's Choice Awards and Saturn Awards

Thanks for voting!

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