Wednesday, 2 November 2011

TADFF 2011: The Corridor Introduction and Q&A

The following video clips are from the screening of The Corridor on Wednesday October 26, 2011 at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival with director Evan Kelly, writer Josh MacDonald and lead actor Stephen Chambers. See my review of The Corridor here.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival programmer Steven Landry introduces director Evan Kelly:

Director Evan Kelly on casting:

Director Evan Kelly on filming in the Canadian winter:

Lead actor Stephen Chambers on challenges (spoilers):

Writer Josh MacDonald, on "The End" (spoilers). Awesome long winded answer:

Writer Josh MacDonald, on how the idea and film came together:

Evan Kelly responds to audience question on directing actors when they aren't seeing the special effects, plus on the idea of The Corridor (spoilers) along with writer Josh MacDonald:

The 6th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival ran for 8 Nights of Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Cult Movies at the Toronto Underground Cinema in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from October 20-27, 2011.

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