Thursday, 22 December 2011

Movie Moxie Podcast 55: Hugo, Dragonslayer & New Faces and Ones to Watch from 2011


This week on the Movie Moxie podcast Shannon has spoiler free reviews of recent releases Hugo and Dragonslayer, looks at 2 weeks of DVD releases for films available just before the holidays and gives some shout out love with her 2011 New Faces & Ones to Watch List*.

Time Coding:
0:00 - 4:10 Intro
4:10 - 12:35 Hugo
12:35 - 15:45 Dragonslayer
15:45 - 25:05 DVD Releases Dec 13 & 20, 2011
25:05 - 39:33 Movie Moxie List of New Faces & Ones to Watch from 2011
39:33 - 42:33 Outro

Show Notes:
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*And Yes, I will do a write up of the New Faces & Ones to Watch from 2011 but I'm going to give myself a little holiday over the... holidays. Look for it soon :)

I'll be back next week when I hopefully catch up with the last set of 2011 titles that are still on my to see list and possible give a glean into my first marathon of 2012. Until then - Happy Holidays!

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Brasil said...

This movie is the best book to movie film ever. The film is so much like the movie, as far as I noticed, they only got rid of one character, the man with the eyepatch. Even with this character gone, the plot stayed very simmilar to the book. They also added things to this movie to make it more entertaining, a love scenario between the station guard and the flower shop lady. This movie is a movie that kids, adults, and people of all ages will love.

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