Friday, 3 February 2012

Movie Moxie Podcast 60: Moon Point, Viral Factor & The Innkeepers including Q&A with Ti West


On this weeks podcast Shannon tackles quirky Canadian comedy Moon Point and Hong Kong action/thriller The Viral Factor, as well as remembering the awesome of The Innkeepers which opens this week in Toronto. Included in the podcast is the original vlog review from The Innkeepers when it showed at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011 and as a special treat for the third week in a row we have a Q&A from the film. Please note the Q&A for The Innkeepers Q&A included at the very end of the podcast is SUPER SPOILERY. Only listen if you've seen the film. Please! It really talks about everything. Alternatively you can pick & choose the moments to watch in the videos from the Intro and Q&A with director Ti West here.

0:00 - 5:30 Intro
5:30 - 11:00 Moon Point Review
11:00 - 16:05 The Viral Factor Review
16:05 - 22:25 The Innkeepers Reviews
22:25 - 35:00 DVD Releases including: Real Steel, 2-Headed Shark Reviews
35:00 - 58:00 The Innkeepers Intro and Q&A with director Ti West at Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012

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Up next week: The Woman in Black! Sooooooo exciting :)

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