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The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien February Book to Film Club Reading Selection


February 2012 Reading: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Our February Book to Film Club Selection is the well loved fantasy novel from J.R.R. Tolkien set in the world of The Lord of the Rings. This was a first time read for me, although I have visited Middle Earth mostly through the love of the films but also from reading the books which I actually found to be quite a challenge (ah, selective memory...) I also found The Hobbit a bit of a challenge but I am very glad I read it as it's a rich story and a layered world, one that I very much looking forward to seeing it interpreted into film, especially for the numerous characters that quite frankly I had a bit of trouble differentiating! How did your reading go? Was it a first time read? A revisit? Have you seen the awesome trailer? It got me all teary-eyed because it's so beautiful & perfect. I'm totally looking forward to the film, although we have so long to wait as it doesn't come out until December. If you can't wait there are lots of video blogs, on location vids and interviews to check out. I'm going to hold out for the film myself.

Things to ponder on the book:
  • Did you enjoy reading it?
  • Was it what you were expecting?
  • What did you know about the book before reading it?
  • Did you enjoy the setting?
  • What did you think about the writing style?
  • What did you take away from reading the book?
  • Is there anything you would change about the book?
  • Who would you recommend the book to?
  • Did you enjoy reading it?
  • Was it what you were expecting?
  • What did you know about the book before reading it?
  • How did you feel about the characters & their challenges?
  • Who did you connect to with the book?
  • If you've read The Lord of the Rings, what was the experience of reading a prequel like?
About the upcoming film adaptation:
  • How do you feel about the casting of the film?
  • Are you looking forward to seeing not only one but two films with the adaptation?
  • What do you hope to be the focus of the film?
  • What do you think is essential to keep from the book in the film?
  • What do you think they can trim away from the book to the film?
  • How do you think they will format the story into 2 films?
  • What do you think the challenges of the adaptation may be?
  • Do you have any hesitations on the adaptation?
  • What are you most looking forward to about the film adaptation?
  • If you've seen the casting, do you 'see' the actors when you read it?
If this was a re-read:
  • How did reading it this time compare with your previous time reading it?
  • Did you notice anything different this time round?
  • Did your interest and focus stay on the same characters and moments, or shift?
The book is being adapted in to 2 films:
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Part 1) will be released December 14, 2012
The Hobbit: There And Back Again (Part 2) will be released next year on December 14, 2013

Here is the Trailer for Part 1:

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Our next reading selection for March 2012 is Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith.

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