Sunday, 20 May 2012

Alien ~ Prometheus Countdown Vlog

In anticipation of the Alien prequel film Prometheus I am am re-watch all four Alien films, started with the classic Alien.

Things I notice on this re-watch and mention in the vlog:
  • I know Alien extremely well, to the point where I know the dialogue off by heart for at least the first half.
  • Even knowing it really well, I noticed new things on this re-watch, mostly about the world created and time it was set in.
  • I would seriously classify it as a science fiction film, horror film but most strongly a suspense film (aka thriller) given that the tension is so strong during the film. But it isn't a mash-up, it's manages to fits each and every one of the actual definitions of those genres.
  • The film is so iconic, that I wonder if someone watched it for the first time now if it would have as much impact as so many of the ideas, images and iconic moments have been referenced in pop culture (be it film culture, geek culture, scifi culture or horror culture), that new viewers might now all the huge moments in the film.
  • I actually have a written review Alien from ages ago (see here), and it's really brief review and as I note in the vlog it's an extremely challenging film to share without spoiling the film.
  • Even after all these years, it still scares me! And it's on my The Scariest Movies of All Time List
  • You can also hear my Prometheus Countdown reviews as a part of the Movie Moxie Podcast
  • I mention that the Aliens Quadrilogy is very much part of my family history, especially with my siblings Jamie, Suzie & Jason, click through to see their sites and awesome adventures!
Prometheus hits theatres on June 8, 2012.

Up next: I'll continue the Prometheus Countdown hitting up Aliens next!

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