Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Aliens ~ Prometheus Countdown Vlog

In anticipation of the Alien prequel film Prometheus I am am re-watch all four Alien films, and today we look at the phenomenal sequel Aliens.

Things I notice on this re-watch and mention in the vlog:
  • I mention that before I even got to see the film I had memories of it from hearing my sister Suzie talk about seeing it in the theatre, and how scary it was.
  • I mention the word Quadrilogy and stumble on remembering the term "nonce word" which is a word used to meet a needed and not expected to reoccur.
  • Aliens is a film that really changed my thinking about film, about analyzing genres, comparing films in series and also starting to think about and search out actors and directors in other films; I now can see that this is part of where my love of film began
  • I have done a written review of Aliens, it was done many years ago and was part of a list of The Most Influential Films Films to Me that was originally posted back during my first year of blogging on my first ever blog
  • I mention that I love the ensemble cast of the film, and continue to love that in many more films to come and how that can often films that have a military group; other ensemble cast films that I love and mention include King Arthur (2004) and G.I. Jane
  • It's hilarious that you can't actually hear it but there was a knife sharpener that went by while I was recording
  • Aliens sets an unusually high precedent by having a sequel that is generally accepted as on par as the original film in terms of quality, especially with a director change
  • I mention getting to meet and interview Michael Biehn (who plays Hicks) last year at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival for the film The Divide; you can read the interview here or listen to it here
  • I continue to be impressed by the use of time, especially when used countdowns as real time, in Aliens.
  • Like Alien, even though I know the film very well, I noticed new things on this re-watch, including picking up on how young the character of Gorman is.
  • You can also hear my Prometheus Countdown reviews as a part of the Movie Moxie Podcast
  • See my vlog revisiting Alien here
  • IThe Aliens Quadrilogy is very much part of my family history, especially with my siblings Jamie, Suzie & Jason, click through to see their sites and awesome adventures!
Prometheus hits theatres on June 8, 2012.

Up next: I'll continue the Prometheus Countdown hitting up Alien 3 (or as my family likes to call it, Aliens Cubed) next!

There is still time to play along!
I'm watching 1 film a week for the Alien films but you can still play along with 2 films a weekend:
  • May 25, 2012 weekend watch Alien & Aliens
  • June 1, 2012 weekend watch Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection
  • Then you'll be all ready for Prometheus on June 8, 2012!

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Chris Santucci said...

Seems like you and I had the same idea. Good blog. Here is my countdown link. Hope you enjoy!

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