Friday, 18 May 2012

From Russia with Love: Bondathon Vlog 2!

Time to check in on our second film of the Bondathon: From Russia with Love

Mentioned in this vlog:

  • From Russia with Love stars Sean Connery as James Bond and is directed by Terence Young
  • I mention that among the films cast we have Robert Shaw who plays Quint in Jaws
  • We started so strong with Dr. No but sadly looks like From Russia with Love will be one of my least-faves of the Bond films and I watching it was pretty boring.
  • I found From Russia with Love to be quite inconsistent and inconclusive, like it's not set in Russia, the relationships aren't very clear or well defined, and I didn't buy the romantic relationship at all and the gender crap runs quite high in this film, and it's depiction of other cultures is not so classy. I also thought it was too soon to make Bond crazy over-confident and known for being so.
  • I have written out of and hidden a list of all the the Bond films by fave to least fave & I'll share it at the end of the Bondathon.
  • I mention that From Russia with Love has a lot of characters/elements that are parodied in the Austin Powers films, which kind of makes the experience of watching it really strange.
  • In the vlog I get stumped on anything I liked about the film and I did like some of the locations and (again like Dr. No) some of the art direction, lighting and framing - especially in some of the awesome locations. Plus some of the action scenes are good, however there are only a few of them.
  • See the original Bondathon post with schedule and film listing
  • Although check out my review of Dr. No and Vlog on Dr. No as well as my introductory vlog about the Bondathon.
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