Sunday, 20 May 2012

Movie Movie Podcast 71; Dark Shadows, The Corridor, From Russia with Love & Alien

This week on the Movie Moxie Podcast I review the gothic comedy Dark Shadows, kinda-review The Avengers and share my original review of The Corridor, a great Canadian speculative fiction film playing at The Projection Booth here in Toronto. I also including selections from the intro and Q&A of The corridor from Toronto After Dark 2011 but as they are very truncated to be spoiler-free but after you've seen the film I highly recommend checking out th vids where they go all out into the big questions in the film. The Bondathon in anticipation of Skyfall continues with From Russia with Love and I also start getting ready for Prometheus with jumping into viewing the original Alien. All that and looking at DVD release for May 15, 2012,

Time Coding
0:00 - 1:25 Intro
1:25 - 6:00 Dark Shadows Review
6:00 - 9:35 The Avengers Kinda-Review
9:35 - 12:35 The Corridor Review from TADFF 2011
12:35 - 21:00 Corridor Introduction and Q&A from TADFF 2011 (Spoiler-free) *
21:00 - 26:45 Bondathon: From Russia With Love
26:45 - 35:15 Prometheus Countdown: Alien
35:15 - 42:45 DVD Releases for May 15, 2012
42:45 - 44:04 Outro

Show Notes
Rather watch than listen? Check of my DVD Release Vlog, From Russia with Love Bondathon Vlog, Alien Vlog for Prometheus Countdown, Movie Moxie Vlog reviewing Dark Shadows & The Avengers as well as my original review of The Corridor.

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Up next week: Reviews of Battleship, Goldfinger and Aliens.

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