Sunday, 13 May 2012

Movie Moxie Podcast 70: Wrapping up Hot Docs 2012, Bondathoning Dr. No + DVD Releases

This week on the Movie Moxie Podcast I wrap up 2012 Hot Docs, check into the first film of the Bondathon with Dr. No, saunter through the May 1 & 8, 2012 DVD releases and even check out some owned/unseen films. I also mention I'm reinstating My Week In Film Vlog which will share the audio of this podcast along with vlogs for DVD release and marathons which currently is the Bondathon.

Time Coding
0:00 - 0:40 Intro
0:40 - 2:15 Podcast/Vlog Update + Tech issues
2:15 - 10:10 Hot Docs 2012 Wrap Up: G-Dog, Ballroom Dancer, Awards
10:10 - 19:25 Bondathon Film 1: Dr. No
19:25 - 20:20 Alien Countdown to Prometheus Announcement
20:20 - 25:05 DVD Releases May 1, 2012 (including DVD Reviews of Haywire)
25:05 - 32:30 May 8, 2012 (including DVD Beautiful Wave & Underworld Awakening)
32:30 - 38:33 Owned/Unseen: Drive Angry & Hitman
38:33 - 40:52 Outro

Show Notes:
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Up next week: More Bondathon with From Russia with Love, Prometheus Countdown begins with Alien and hopefully reviews of The Avengers, Dark Shadows and possibly more.

* I'm doing things a bit differently this week as I've had some (more!) tech issues, but that led me to the idea to resurrect vlogging more on the site and in such I will the podcast will actually be the audio from several vlogs thorughout the week at Movie Moxie including My Week in Film (theatrical release, festivals, events & challenges), DVD release and marathons - currently the Bondathon which I already started vlogging anyway! I hope folks are keen on the new direction and oddly the podcast will likely be the least effected as it will incorporated all of the elements it already did, but if you watch a vlog and it's 'sound familiar' this is a heads-up to why :)

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