Sunday, 20 May 2012

Movie Moxie Vlog ~ Dark Shadows plus kinda-review of The Avengers

Movie Moxie Vlogging! I'm tackling gothic vampire comedy Dark Shadows and kinda-review The Avengers.

Mentioned in the Vlog:
  • I mention being intrigued by the continual progression of the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaborations including Alice in Wonderland (2010). Although I've enjoyed many of the films they collaborate on, there is something odd about the fact that both Alice & Dark Shadows feel like the story's protagonist is not Johnny Depp's and therefore there is a a disconnect with the predominance of his characters in the films and the marketing of the films.
  • I ponder if people who watched & enjoyed the Dark Shadows series picked up a lot more about the characters and the character dynamics in the film. Anyone who has seen it care to share?
  • I mention loving films Eva Green is in, including: Casino Royale, The Golden Compass and Franklyn.
  • If you want to hear more about Dark Shadows, I will be reviewing it on an upcoming episode of Before the Dawn.
  • I only kinda-am-reviewing The Avengers as I was disappointed that I saw it before seeing Captain America, and therefore Captain America was completed spoiled for me. I'll need to give it some time, thought and healing to a) see Captain America and b) re-watch The Avengers before I can feel more objective about the film over the experience of seeing the film.
  • I would highly recommend folks see Thor and Captain American before watching The Avengers, otherwise those 2 films will be spoiled for you. You can check out the Iron Man films too, although they aren't as essential.
  • If/when you do watch The Avengers - stay to the end of the credits.
  • I do note that in true Joss Whedon fashion, The Avengers holds more than you can absorb on first viewing, therefore are compelled to re-watch.
  • I also mention that The Corridor is out in release here in Toronto at The Projection Booth; see my Original vlog and written review of the film.
  • You can see the Intro and Q&A from The Corridor videos from Q&A from Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011. They are super-spoilery, but it's noted above the vids and may help you pondering mind after you watch the film.
  • As I'm now be vlogging reviews of recently released films 9like here!) as well as DVD Releases, the Bondathon, Prometheus Countdown separately for visual enjoyment*; but if you are more of an audio fans you can listen to the compiled version of the vlogs on the Movie Moxie Podcast. Listen to this weeks episode here.
Up next week: Battleship!

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Suzie Ridler said...

I still can't believe people told you it didn't matter whether or not to see Captain American Shannon! Loved your vlog though, so entertaining and I love hearing your perspective.

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