Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Thunderball ~ Bondathon Vlog, Film 4

Side Note: I've now started a You Tube channel called Shannon the Movie Moxie, and I have all the Bondathon vlogs uploaded in their own playlist here. I will still continue to post the vlogs here as well as include the audio in the weekly Movie Moxie Podcast.

Mentioned in this vlog:
  • Thunderball stars Sean Connery as James Bond and is directed by Terance Young, and after watching the first four Bond films it's easily my favourite (followed by Dr. No, Goldfinger and then From Russia with Love)
  • See the original Bondathon post with schedule and film listing, and my introductory vlog about the Bondathon.
  • I *almost* mention the film Cannonball Run.
  • Water films I mention: The Big Blue, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Abyss.
  • I mention that part of the score for Thunderball is sample of a song I couldn't place but knew was either My Life with tLinkhe Thrill Kill Kult or White Zombie. I solved the mystery and it's Mood No. 6 by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult from the album Sexplosion.
  • I mention that I recognized hearing the score of Goldfinger used in song 6 Underground by the Sneaker Pimps (I say Spin, Spin, Sugar but it was actually 6 Underground).
  • I mention that I was quite impressed with the action in the film and the fighting felt more believable, the devices were awesome and I loved all the underwater sequences and action.
  • They also make the villains more three dimensional, which makes them more interesting and accessible.
  • See my vlogs for previous films in the Bondathon with Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger.
  • You can also hear my Bondathon reviews as a part of the Movie Moxie Podcast

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