Monday, 4 June 2012

Poll Results: What June Release Are You Most Looking Forward To?

It was a tight race to see who would win out for your most anticipated June release and Snow White & the Huntsman had an steady lead and finished off with 31% with Alien prequel Prometheus hot on it's heels at finished at 24%. They were definitely the two lead horses of the race, but I am happy to see Book to Film Club Selection of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter closing with an impressive 13%. June is looking like a mighty fine month of releases, that's for sure!

31% - Snow White & the Huntsman
24% - Prometheus
13% - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
8% - Brave
6% - Tie: Cosmopolis, GI Joe: Retaliation (now a 2013 films) and Rock of Ages
2% - Piranha 3DD

Thanks for voting!

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