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Worldwide Short Film Festival 2012 Day 3: Film School Spotlight: Super 16 Anarkino

I am continuing to enjoy the Worldwide Short Film Festival and continue to brave the rain and am so glad I did as on Day 3 I had the pleasure of getting to see the Film School Spotlight: Super 16 Anarkino program that showcased films from the anarchist film school founded in Copenhagen that runs without any administration, and makes freaking awesome films! Let's have a look at all 5 films in the program.

Rather watch than read? Check my Day 3 Vlog here (I even try out speaking a little Danish!)

Film School Spotlight: Super 16 Anarkino

Cool Girl
Dir: Julie Bille
Cast: Christina Larsen, Stanislav Sevcik, Sara Ullner
Denmark, 11 minutes

This wild short has the power-synth flavour of the 80's blended with a magical fairy tale story all set in and around a night club with young love. It's a wild mix of wacky and wonder all rolled up in one.

Image from: A Shadow of a Doubt / Skyggen af tvivl

A Shadow of a Doubt / Skyggen af tvivl
Dir: Esben Tønnesen
Cast: Nicolei Faber, Anders Hove, Neel Rønhold
Denmark, 19 minutes

I adored this short film. Absolutely adored. It follows 2 people on the tip of falling for each other, one with strong memories and holds in the past and another who has eyes more set on the future, and that's when they aren't eyeing each other of course. A beautiful play with magical realism moments as well as wisps of wonderful possible futures, this one works strongly on both an emotional and intellectual level. And the chemistry between the two leads is positively delightful. Loved it.

Image from: Thor's Hammer / Thorshammer

Thor's Hammer / Thorshammer
Dir: Fenar Ahmad
Cast: Trine Dyrholm, Sebastian Saxton, Lærke Winther
Denmark, 21 minutes

This was one of the more challenging films in the program filled with the haunting power of emotional overwhelm, but it was done so well and brought out so much with the young cast. Truly haunting.

Morten Holst and Nikolaj Dencker Schmidt in To All My Friends / Til alle mine venner

To All My Friends / Til alle mine venner
Dir: Behrouz Bigdeli
Cast: Morten Holst, Nikolaj Dencker Schmidt, Molly Egelind
Denmark, 29 minutes

Racked with intensity and the power of unhealthy imbalanced relationships, this short film had me engaged and on edge for the entire time. Intense doesn't even feel like a strong enough word to describe the visceral, volatile friendship between the Mark and Sonny who have formed a bond that both holds them together, but keeps them apart from the rest of the world. It certainly wasn't an easy watch, but it is a truly formidable film with astounding performances by both Nikolaj Dencker Schmidt as Mark and Morten Holst as Sonny. This one will sit with me for a very long time.

Image from: Dennis. See my review of Dennis from when I originally saw it at the Worldwide Short Film Festival in 2008 here.

See more about the Film School Spotlight: Super 16 Anarkino program here

The Worldwide Short Film Festival runs from June 5 - 10, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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