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Worldwide Short Film Festival 2012 Day 2 - The Family Compact and Creative Control

Day 2 at the festival was a rainy one, but it was worth braving the rain to check out the Official Selection programs of The Family Compact and Creative Control. I realize that being a family of creative, I was particularly drawn to both programs although there was a fair amount of pain and challenges in both of the programs, as well as joy, love and a fair dash of regret.

Rather watch than read? Check out my Day 2 Vlog!

Official Selection: The Family Compact

Image from: Liar

Dir: Adam Garnet Jones
Cast: Aidan Green, Tiona Johnson, Rachelle White Wind
Canada, 8 minutes

This was one of the more challenging films in the program to watch as it dealt with homophobia and bullying, and the intensity of both of them felt at times overwhelming. I often find it alarming the realism that can be conveyed on this subjects, and Liar really made it feel and I believed every moment.

Dir: Kat Candler
Cast: Arthur Dale, Deke Garner, Jonny Mars
USA, 6 minutes

Another challenge short, this one dealt with abuse in a family perspective with a trio of kids and their father who was unimpressed with their pranks. I was very impressed that this one not only got the intensity of the moments but also managed to weave in some humour and startlingly real family dynamics. Very impressive.

Image from: Long Distance Information

Long Distance Information
Dir: Douglas Hart
Cast: Peter Mullan, Caroline Paterson, Alan Tripney
UK, 8 minutes

Wow, this was a great short film. The trying emotional distance of the holidays paired with family obligation and the pain of going through the motions. Very well done and clever to boot.

Image from: Belly

Dir: Julia Potts
UK, 7 minutes

This film showcases exactly why animation can freak me out with creatures morphing into other creatures, having odd or too many parts, and just in general totally creepy. I was freaked. But I loved the sweet story that threads the short that shows that family bonds aren't the only bonds out there, and the power of persistence and loyalty come in many forms.

Image from: Me Without You / Mig uden dig

Me Without You / Mig uden dig
Dir: Aage Rais-Nordentoft
Denmark, 21 minutes

Absolutely charming documentary short about a family where one person is leaving home to go to Japan, and we see this mostly from the perspective of her 8 year old brother. A genuinely loving and wonderful short about love and family.

Official Selection: Creative Control

Image from: The Maker

The Maker
Dir: Christopher Kezelos
Australia, 6 minutes

Awesome creepy short animated film rich with ingenuity and a wild sense of the oppression of time and the power of creative. Really enjoyed this one as it has tones of both sweet and slightly sinister.

Image from: Gravity of Center

Gravity of Center
Dir: Thibaut Duverneix
Cast: Victor Quijada, RUBBERDance troupe
Canada, 14 minutes

It was so exciting to see Gravity of Center, the festival trailer has an clip from it and every time I see it I think "I want to see that!" and here it is! A gorgeous and alive movement based piece that features 5 people who seem to be interconnect and literally unable to break and be far apart from each other yet always are moving to and on the edges of those boundaries. Absolutely extraordinary and inspiring, I loved it.

Image from: Lifetripper

Dir: Graeme Joyce
Cast: Rob Benedict, Kaden Billin, Aleksandra Kaniak
USA, 14 minutes

This was one of the more traditional narrative in the program as it follows a funny mechanic that tells jokes and chats with fellow bus patrons, but doesn't often step up or out in other areas of his life. I really enjoyed this one especially the fabulous timing and comedy of Rob Benedict in the film, and afterwards I had the big a-ha moment that I am familiar with film from his role of Chuck on 'Supernatural'. Fabulous to see him here, and it's a great short film filled with tragic comedy.

Image from: Withering Love / Les amours perdues

Withering Love / Les amours perdues
Dir: Samanou Sahlstrøm
Cast: Emmanuelle Béart, Denis Lavant
Denmark, 29 minutes

Oh wow. Wow. This short film was extraordinary as it chronicles the haunting power of love lost. Both Emmanuelle Béart and Denis Lavant are amazing in this long short that really goes in to deep and complicated places of relationships and the intertwined lives and challenge of repeating, avoiding, owning or reject the mistakes of ones past. Positively fearless and beautiful.

See more about the The Family Compact program (which screens again on Saturday June 9, 2012) and the Creative Control program.

The Worldwide Short Film Festival runs from June 5 - 10, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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