Monday, 31 December 2012

Most Enjoyed / Fave Films of 2012

Hey Moxie Moxie Readers, Listeners and Watchers!

Long time no post, eh?

It's the time of year that I usually am furiously listing, categorizing and re-iterating the films I've seen, the ones I've loved or made a huge impression on me plus reminisce of fave festivals experiences, surprizes and disappointments. In other words, it's the time of year where I think about My Year in Film. But this year was very different for me. For the first time ever I took a break from the site and that was not intended to last very long, but it rolled into my current indeterminate hiatus (for health reasons) which feels like it's lasted forever, and in such I've missed months out of year year when it comes to film. It makes me very sad that I haven't been around here and also haven't been able to attend festivals in the last half of the year, it's not only challenging and it also feels really *weird* not to be here.

That being said, I couldn't let the year go by without sharing my faves / most enjoyed films of the year. And in true Movie Moxie fashion I've kept up my totally not-on-purpose tradition of changing how I do the list (See best/most enjoyed list of 2011, Perfect list of 2010, Faves Films of 2009, Faves Films of 2008, Faves Films of 2007 and Faves Films of 2006). Sigh. I love consistency, but this process keeps changing it and I just have to go with it.

I don't know what's in store for the for the site, but I'm sharing my film journeys right now over on my YouTube channel and I do have some fun things planned for the new year. Please swing on by and say Hi or keep in touch over at Facebook as that's where I can be found most these days.

I hope 2012 was good to you, and that you saw many awesome films and had many wonderful film experiences.

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Shannon the Movie Moxie's Faves/Best/Most Enjoyed Films of 2012
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Special Mention to Awesome 2012 Releases Seen Prior to 2012:

Honourable Mentions for 2012 Releases:

Faves/Best/Most Enjoyed Films of 2012 (chronological viewing order):

Left: Safety Not Guaranteed

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Jamie Ridler Studios said...

How nice to see you - and to be able to enjoy the Movie Moxie penchant for great lists! I enjoyed hearing about your favs.

I am also thoroughly enjoying your YouTube channel and love the Movie Moxie, wherever and however she shows up. Take good care of you. ((hugs))

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